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Well... I gotta say that this story doesn't appeal to me at all. The "other persona" isn't detailed at all and we have no idea who or what it is. It's not explained at all what happened the night before and it's shown that the girl didn't even mind it. If the story explained what lead her to do all these insane things, then It would have rated higher in my book, but as it stands now, I'm issuing it at 2 out of 10. It needs work and needs to be explained further. Once this story has been update and explains a lot more then it does, I'd love to see it. Until next time, this is Ryugami the Chaosedge, peace out.
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Ninvampirate2011 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
Honestly, I do want to add more, but, as it says in the description, I'm limited to 2-4 minutes or, according to my professor, roughly 500 words. This isn't the entire story, not in the least ^^; More like a preview than anything. If I did add more I felt that it would end mid-story instead of...well, the sort-of ending it has now. I understand what you mean, though.
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